Yucui Shanghai Education Consultancy Co. Ltd.

I’m so glad I don’t have to live here. What desolation, what corruption. These executives tour and approve all sites.


IMG_8514IMG_8516IMG_8518IMG_8524IMG_8526IMG_8531IMG_8542IMG_8543IMG_8546IMG_8552IMG_8553IMG_8556IMG_8565IMG_8569 Welcome to my neighborhood! After traveling to 17 countries, and working as a teacher for 7 years, 3 of which I spent teaching in Asia I decided to work with Yucui Shanghai Education Consultancy Co. Ltd. to teach in China. They were giving me what sounded exactly like my teaching goal for the year. They told me that I would be working in a suburb of Hangzhou. I would be working 45 minutes outside of downtown, and that I would be able to commute daily to school and live in downtown if I wished. I was so excited! I would be working at a university in the city Marco Polo deemed “heaven on earth”. Not to mention, the salary was high for China. I did research online, and decided to commit to my contract.

Imagine my (and my coworker’s) surprise when after leaving the Hangzhou train station where we were picked…

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