Winter 2016 496

This statue out front of the South Cathedral shows a bold Jesuit, Adam Schall perhaps (I’ll check) ready to bring the gospel to China


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Spring 2016 China 079

This week we’re challenged to post abstract photos. Hmm. The one above is blurred, but might be considered abstract.

Any idea what it is? Scroll down to find out.

Some good photos:

It’s the photo of a cab driver who took me way out of the way last Saturday. I did get his license number and had him reported.

Abroad: China

Spring 2016 China 008

From a junket to Beijing. I saw these two in front of an antique shop in Beijing.

Abroad: China

Spring 2016 China 115

Last week was Qing Ming festival when people sweep their ancestors’ tombs or at least the tombs of their grandparents. People buy Hell Money for their ancestors and sometimes pictures of cars, suits, and smartphones in case their dearly departed are running a business in the great beyond.

Abroad: South Korea

Spring 2016 China 093

In Insadong, one of my favorite places in South Korea.