Holiday Inn Express Beijing Airport Zone

I needed to stay at a hotel by the airport so I could catch a rather early morning flight to the US. I chose the Holiday Inn Express Beijing Aiport Zone because it had an airport shuttle. When a hotel has the word “airport” in its name and the website says there’s a shuttle, I expect that that shuttle goes back and forth to the airport at least from morning to night.

My plan was to take the train to Beijing, then the bus to the airport and then get the shuttle and drop my bags off before doing some errands. The day before my departure I checked Trip Advisor for something and saw some posts on this Holiday Inn Express. People were complaining because upon arrival from overseas, they discovered the deception, this hotel had no shuttle from the airport to the hotel. Yes, that’s right. There was NO shuttle to the hotel, only from. To make matters worse, the shuttle only ran once every two hours from 7 am to 1pm. Horrible, just horrible.

I looked for another airport hotel, but all were booked. So I made due. I did check at the airport with the information staff in case IHG decided to change this poor service. Nope. So I paid for a taxi. The ride took over 20 minutes and even with a GPS the driver had a tough time finding the hotel which is tucked in the back of a corporate development.

When I checked in I told the clerk, who only spoke a little English, which was disappointing, how upset I was about the shuttle deception and how the only reason I chose this hotel was because the website stated there was an airport shuttle and had no information about its limits. After speaking with the manager, I got reimbursed for my taxi, which was fair. Still I could have done without the hassle.

My room was fine. I didn’t get the breakfast and when I checked out, I could smell the food, which was rather unpleasant. Unless Holiday Inn Express corrects its website I wouldn’t return. I hate dishonesty like this.