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Sepia Saturday

After posting billboard images to my main blog, I remembered that Wall Drug would make a perfect theme for this week’s Sepia Saturday. I first learned of Wall Drug’s signs when traveling westward on a Wyoming Trek trip in high school.

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Famous for its highway billboards, Wall Drug is a kitshy tourist trap that draws 2 million visitors a year. It’s a collection of stores in an old West style and if you’re driving cross-country on Interstate 90 in the US, you’ll see Wall Drug signs every half hour or so.



Sepia Saturday

june 16 sepia
This week bloggers are challenged to share photos of police. I found so many toys centered around policing. These are now worth a lot of money.

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Sepia Saturday

sepia 1 12

Swimming and swimmers. That’s what I’m taking from this prompt. While it’s warmer than usual up here in Illinois, it’ll be quite awhile till the pools and beaches open. Still lest we forget in the southern hemisphere it’s summer and ’round the equator and below people do need to cool off with a swim.

Australian Olympic Swimmer Mina Wylie and unnamed swimmer, 1912
Australian Olympic Swimmer Mina Wylie and unnamed swimmer, 1912

Above: from the State Library of New South Wales


Key West, True Sepia, Flickr Commons, LOC
True Sepia in Key West, Flickr Commons, LOC


swim team
Swim Team, University of Washington, 1921

No need for steroid testing in 1921.

Bathing Beauties, Florida 1975, LOC, Flickr Commons
Bathing Beauties, Florida 1975, LOC, Flickr Commons

Sepia Saturday: Christmas Edition

sepia christmas
Ho, ho, ho. This week’s prompt invites Sepia Saturday participants to sift through images looking for pictures that bring back Christmas past. Here’s what I’ve found.

First an audio treat. A holiday radio program “Cinnamon Bear” from 1937 is available here.


Source: George Eastman Collection, Flickr Commons

Christmas cards are so welcome. The real thing beats ecards, which I have sent, any day.

Source: George Eastman Collection, Flickr Commons
Source: George Eastman Collection, Flickr Commons

Look at the toys. Simple yet beautiful still. Batteries not needed.

Live Nativity Scene, Florida, Flickr Commons
Live Nativity Scene, Florida, Flickr Commons

I’ve never seen a scene like this one above, though I’ve been to San Antonio’s Gran Posada.

German Hospital, WWI
German Hospital, WWI

Sepia Saturday

The prompt this week made me think of telephones. I think old phones have a certain charm. My favorite phone at home is a faux rotary phone. I think the new fangled cordless and cell phones lack a certain something.

Source: State Library of Queensland, Flickr Commons

Sepia Saturday

This week’s prompt features the written word in beautiful script. I offer a heartfelt hand written note to the Walter Stieglitz, the Regional Director of the Alaska Region of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

After the Exxon Valdez oil spill, second grader, Kelly Middlestead advocated that the government protect wildlife post haste. Kelly, you deserve a gold star for citizenship. I hope you’re still writing.

From the U.S. National Archives

Sepia Saturday

My other blog is feeling up with photos, so I’m moving my Sepia Saturday entries over here.

This week we have some uniformed police officers from Ireland to inspire us.

Dr. Cary T. Grayson and Captain Edward McCauley, Jr., 1919

I’m going with the uniforms and offering the photo above from the Woodrow Wilson Library.  The captain’s sword looks like it’s stuck in his coat pocket. The captain looks more congenial than the serious doctor. That’s my take. What’s yours?

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